Educational Saturdays- Bridal Portraits

Ladies, there are two times in your life when you will be the beautiful blushing bride. One will be on your wedding day, the day when you walk down the aisle in the presence of your friends and family.  The other time will be during your bridal portraits.  The bridal session is important because it gives you a chance to do a dress rehearsal before your wedding.  It also gives you some private time to create beautiful pictures of yourself that your husband to be and guests will admire at your reception.  Here are a few tips to help you prepare for this special part of your wedding.


One important aspect to remember about your bridal session is to let your personality be reflected in your pictures.  Your photographer will have some ideas about poses or positions, but this is your session and it’s best if you feel comfortable with the poses.  The more comfortable you are, the better your pictures will look.  Take time to look through wedding magazines for ideas on poses and go with what you like.  You don’t want a pose that doesn’t flatter you or one that when people see it, they don’t recognize you.  Be you.

Your portrait location is special so its important to choose a location that has special meaning such a neighborhood park, boathouse, school campus or hotel.  If keeping cost down is a priority, consider using your reception venue as many venues allow brides to have their bridal portraits done at no additional cost.

The Bridal session is also a good time to ‘practice” with your hair stylist and make up artist that you will use on your wedding day.  You can try out the hairstyle you want and get an idea of how it will look as well as your makeup for that day.  When it comes to makeup, sometimes, less is more; if you are not a heavy makeup wearer, then it shouldn’t show in the Bridal session, because it won’t look natural.

Its a great idea for brides to bring a friend or two or family member along to the session.  This sometimes allows the bride to be more relaxed as well as making the shoot more fun.  They can assist the bride with holding her dress, help retouch her hair or makeup, give her water as needed, etc.  Some photographers have their own assistants for this type of work, so check with yor photographer first ot make sure.

Its important to pick the right time to shoot.  Always check the weather when setting up for your shoot.  The best time to shoot is usually early morning or late afternoon, as these times provide the best lighting and temperature.  In the early morning, the sunlight is not as harsh and gives a more natural look to your skin.  Both times are also good because it is not as hot and you won’t make you sweat as much and will be more comfortable during the shoot.  It’s also a good idea to have some cold water/soft drinks or maybe eat light before the shoot.

Till next Saturday, happy planning!!!


About Distinctive Events by Karen

Karen creates a unique experience for all of her clients by providing them with exceptional service. Not only does she possess the knowledge and energy needed to orchestrate weddings of all shapes and sizes, her impeccable taste and attention to detail ensures an outstanding end result every time. Karen has and continues to form great working relationships with top vendors from all around Texas and works with an incredible team to make each event an elegant experience. With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Masters in Clinical Social Work from New York University, and a Professional Bridal Consultant Certification from Penn Foster College, Karen has the ability to understand and work with people from all works of life. She combines her passion for people and planning into her events unlike any other.
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