Wedding Planning Myths Debunked by Every Last Detail

I came across a blog post by every last detail and wanted to post it for all our brides and brides to be.  It is every brides dream to have her dream wedding within her budget, this is definitely a possible task.  However being educated on the realities will go a long way in saving you time and money.

Myth: It’s cheaper if you have your wedding on a day other than Saturday.

Truth: I have no idea where or when this started, but it’s oh-so-wrong. A wedding vendor is going to work just as hard if your wedding is on a Friday or a Sunday. They’re not going to put in less hours of work just because it’s not a Saturday. Plus, it’s actually becoming REALLY common for Friday and Sunday weddings- even Thursdays too! Besides, do you really want your vendors to half-ass it on your wedding day? Yeah, I didn’t think so. So don’t expect to have cheaper prices if your wedding is on a day other than Saturday. Myth DEBUNKED.

MythDoing it all ourselves will save us  money (aka DIY and with the help of family and friends).

Truth: This of course can pertain to several different aspects of a wedding. But most of the time, for the retail price of buying something, you can pay a professional to do it for you, whether it’s buying wholesale or you renting it from them. It’s a funny thing how people who are DIYing their weddings always end up spending more money than they thought they would. DIY the things that can easily be DIY’d, like your favors. If you stick to the pros, chances are really good that you’ll save your money. Myth DEBUNKED.

*Picture by Elizabeth Scott Photography

MythHaggle, barter, or low-ball with vendors to get a lower price.

Truth: O.M.G. I have no idea where this one started, but it needs to end! Haggling with vendors on their prices is crazy- they’ve set their prices because that’s what they need to do the work they do. Bartering, now this depends on what you’re bartering with, but the things that I’ve heard so far haven’t been ideal for wedding vendors. Another NO. And finally low-balling their prices. I’ve heard of this happening a lot lately too. Saying that you really can only afford the bare minimum but want them to provide more and trying to make them feel guilty? Yikes, not cool. In a nutshell: Don’t try to mess with vendor pricing. It is what it is, and it’s usually already at the lowest point it can be because people in the wedding industry aren’t doing it to make a fortune- they’re doing it because they love weddings! 🙂 Myth DEBUNKED.

MythBuffets are cheaper than plated dinners.

Truth: I’m not too experienced in catering/food, but I do know this: buffets actually require MORE food than plated meals do, and so they often end up being more expensive!Myth DEBUNKED.

MythCocktail style receptions are less expensive because you need “less food” than a sit down dinner.

Truth: Another food-related one, but I can help with this too. Yes, cocktail receptions don’t have a full-out meal. They do, however, have a lot more appetizers and small bites, which could add up to just as much food as if you were having meals served. And then, since it’s “cocktail-style”, guests are definitely going to be drinking more. Myth DEBUNKED.

Myth: “I have a friend/family member that can do ___, so we won’t be needing to hire anyone for that”.

Truth: Ah, but of course! Everyone always knows someone who can do photography, planning, DJ, food, etc. BUT it always turns out that they forget that they want to be guests and end up a) slacking on what they’re supposed to be doing or b) backing out altogether, leaving you to have to pay someone. Trust me and tell the friend/family members that you want them to enjoy the wedding. Neither you or them will regret it.Myth DEBUNKED.

Myth“My mother (or aunt or friend, etc) is going to do the flowers in silk to save money.”

Truth: OMG silk flowers cost so much! And they always LOOK silk- I don’t care how good you are at arranging flowers, those plastic “veins” on the flowers are a dead giveaway. Bottom line for this one- silk flowers are NOT going to save you money. Myth DEBUNKED.

MythDestination weddings cost less.

Truth: Definitely not. Unless it’s you and your fiance eloping. If you’re inviting family members, there are more events that have to be held and more things that need to be taken of. Transportation, rooms, welcome dinners, rehearsal dinners, wedding dinner, breakfasts. Not to mention what it costs for your guests to get there. Get my drift? If you want to do a destination wedding, know that it’s not going to be less than what a wedding would be in your own town. Myth DEBUNKED.



About Distinctive Events by Karen

Karen creates a unique experience for all of her clients by providing them with exceptional service. Not only does she possess the knowledge and energy needed to orchestrate weddings of all shapes and sizes, her impeccable taste and attention to detail ensures an outstanding end result every time. Karen has and continues to form great working relationships with top vendors from all around Texas and works with an incredible team to make each event an elegant experience. With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Masters in Clinical Social Work from New York University, and a Professional Bridal Consultant Certification from Penn Foster College, Karen has the ability to understand and work with people from all works of life. She combines her passion for people and planning into her events unlike any other.
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